Iris Wearing a “Wig”

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Kids had swim class this morning and Iris was really into it. She actually enjoyed “bobbing” in and out of the water, scooping, splashing, doing “big arms”. 

Simon must have used up a lot of energy too since he fell asleep while running errands. (His lesson is in the deeper pool so I don’t get to see him while in the pool with Iris.)


We went to see about a piano for the kids then stopped by to do a bit of shopping. Iris gravitated towards a wagon and broom. 



In the evening, we walked nearby for dinner and Iris was wearing a sweater without a hood. She saw that Daddy and Annie were wearing their hoods and kept on saying 帽子 or Màozi (hat) and pointing to her head so Annie finally gave her the hood off her jacket. 


She sort of looks like she is wearing one of those old style judge wigs.

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