10 Year Anniversary

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Simon’s lunch of mini corn dogs, carrots, raspberries, watermelon, and mini grapes.

Who wants to squeeze her cheeks? I can give her kisses all day long.

So can you imagine? It’s been 10 years since Ron and I said “I do”! We spent the day in San Francisco. Our first stop was Sushirrito. I had always wanted to try this place when we lived in San Francisco but could never find the time to get there. So we tried the Geisha’s Kiss:
Yellowfin Tuna (Hand-Line Caught), Tamago, Piquillo Peppers, Yuzu Tobiko, Lotus Chips, Namasu Cucumber, Butter Lettuce, Avocado with Sesame White Soya

And the Sumo Crunch: Shrimp Tempura, Surimi Crab, Shaved Cabbage, Cucumber, Avocado, Red Tempura Flakes with Sriracha Aioli

Happily eating near the Transamerica Tower. Fish was fresh, veggies fresh, tempura crunchy, rice nicely seasoned… nori was a little soggy but still yummy and worth the trip.

Ron made a massage appointment for us to Royal Thai Spa which was very relaxing.
photo 2

Then we were off to dinner at Quince Restaurant for dinner.

We decided to try the 8 course tasting menu and some cocktails. Ron had the Quince martini made tableside and I had the Shrub Fumoso (Raynauld Brandy, Zucca Amaro, Shrub Tonic, Rhubarb and Strawberry Gastrique).

They served us some beautiful bites. Front bottom to top: watermelon, cucumber, rice cracker, and (I forgot but something with olive on the bottom). All delicious.

Then an amuse bouche made from peaches. So refreshing.

First course of big eye tuna with flowering coriander, seaweed, Dragon’s egg cucumber.

Excited to start eating.

Monterey Abalone with carolina gold rice, green tomato, and sweet corn. The abalone was very tender and sweet.

Creamy butter and fresh baked bread.

Ron had the Tagliolini E Oro with cocoa, razor clam, and charentais melon. Love the gold.


I had the “tortelli alla Cecilia Chiang” with caviar, smoked sturgeon, shallot. (Supplement $30 for this dish.)

Suckling Pig Tortellini with parmigiano reggiano fonduta. This inspired us to try making our own pasta at home, possibly with roast pig and fresh pasta sheets. Will let you know how that turns out.

Four Story Hill sweetbread with black truffle, gem lettuce, radish. The truffle slivers were sandwiched in between the sweetbread. Very rich.


Phil Paine’s squab with ruby beet, Knoll Farm fig, leek. Tender, juicy, and delicious.

Another amuse of apricot sabayon. Delicious meringue-like cookie on top.

Middleton Farm berries with yogurt, Mara Des Bois, Valrhona Opalys. Sweet berries with delicious crumble.

Complimentary chocolate mousse for our anniversary.

To many more years!! Love you hubby! (I know you read our blog…)

After dinner espresso. Love these cups with the little lids.

Beautiful little cookie platter too (coconut macaroon, a nut cookie, meringue, pate de fruit, and brandy truffle).

The server asked us if we wanted an after dinner drink and mentioned something called “Amaro”. I had never heard of it before and she said it was a neutral grape spirit that helps with digestion. Then she offered us a complimentary tasting of one that had mint and fennel. She served it in this beautiful hand etched glass and the spirit was delicious. Cleansing and very refreshing.

Then we even got a treat to take home. Some chocolate dotted with various types of nuts. No peanuts so we could share with Simon!

A wonderful dining experience. The server for the night was named Alexandra and she was wonderful. I just Googled her name and see that she is a “Captain” at Quince. She was very thorough, polite, and patient throughout the whole night. Definitely an experience to remember.

But we were eager to get home to see the kids. We had a lovely package at home that Simon helped us to open.

Beautiful roses from my dad for our anniversary.

Wow, 10 years!

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