Advertisement for Trader Joe’s Freeze Dried Fruits

Day 353 = February 18, 2011

Daddy caught Simon snoring early this morning. Poor little guy has a stuffy nose.

Simon loves his freeze dried fruits from Trader Joe’s. They come in many varieties including:


Banana slices



I hope they come out with more. They are healthy snacks with no added flavoring or sugar. Just freeze dried fruits that keep well in their ziploc bags. No worries about fresh fruit going bad so quickly.

I found this an interesting picture of Simon. I know it’s not Christmas anymore but when you need a bib, you use any that are handy until they fall apart or no longer can soak up drool… but in this picture, Simon’s hair is all funny and his cheeks are very rosy red.

Simon has acquired a new desire to burrow and squeeze in between things. Like squeeze in between a toy and his gate or squeeze between the sofa and the wall. Here he is trying to squeeze in between daddy leaning on the bed. He cried out when he wasn’t able to squeeze through.

He sometimes has quite the temper and gets irritated and upset very easily. But usually calms down pretty quickly although he does sometimes need a “time out” in his crib for a few minutes until he calms down. Not sure how else to calm him down… I hope he doesn’t have bad temper tantrums in public.

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