Amsterdam then an overnight train to Milan, Italy

First thing we had to do this morning was to go to the train station to store our luggage since our train wasn’t until 5pm but we had to check out by 10am. It costs 4.5 Euros per day to store luggage, pretty cheap.

We had a quick bite and coffee while we waited for the tram to the Van Gogh Museum. Once we got to the Museum though, I was still hungry so we shared a hamburger and a non-alcoholic beer. We attempted to go the Heineken Museum but unfortunately it was closed for renovations! So that was a bust.

We ended up back in town and went to Lanskroon, a fabulous pastry shop! The sell these very special cookie called stroopwafels. There is original honey, cafe caramel, and fig. At the cafe we had the cafe caramel and bough some honey for the train ride. They were out of the fig but they make some for another cafe nearby so the owner kindly called them to reserve some for us. The cookies we had were crispy and sweet and oh so delicious!

The other cafe ended up not being that nearby and we were almost late getting back to the train station by 5pm. We rushed to the station to get our luggage from the storage and found out that our train was actually dealyed by 1.5 hours! Oh well, at least we didn’t miss our train. To entertain us while waiting, there was a theater production inside the station. We finally left around 7pm and we’ll arrive in Milan around 9:30am. We unfortunately don’t have a cabin but reclining seats and as we’re going through each country, there are passport checks and sniffing dogs. Some kids got taken off the train at some point, curious stuff.

If you can’t see the slideshow above, click HERE.

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