Ariake Restaurant

Tonight we decided to go out for dinner since it’s been about two weeks since we went out somewhere nice to eat. We decided to have Japanese and went to Ariake Restaurant. We went in around 6pm and there were only 2 other parties there but it filled up pretty quickly as we were having dinner. They were nice enough to turn on the heater right above our table as it was a chilly evening. They also served a hot wonderful smelling and delicious tasting tea.

Our little table in the corner was nicely decorated with a fresh red rose. A pretty nice touch. The service was excellent and very efficient. An empty dish never stayed on our table for more than a few minutes before being whisked away.

We ordered the “Love” chirashi, monk fish liver, and chicken teriyaki. We had miso soup and salad as well.

In the chirashi, they were nice enough to substitute the salmon roe for extra hamachi, my fav fish, in the chirashi. The sashimi in the chirashi was excellent, very fresh, and I enjoyed the other ingredients of the dish, the marinated bamboo (I think), the soy sauce mushrooms, the sprouts, shredded turnip, and tamago. For $20, I was very satisfied.

The monk fish liver was nicely sauced, a bit soy and spicy sauce. Yum! If you like liver pate, you’d like this dish.

The chicken teriyaki wasn’t terribly special but a good portion and tasted like chicken teriyaki should taste, not over-sweetened like some places.

Our dinner came to $52 total after adding in tip which isn’t bad considering how much sashimi we had to eat. Yum!

We got home and the kitties were all sitting around bundled up. Even with all that fur, they get cold too.

Ariake Restaurant
5041 Geary Blvd

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