Beautiful Day in WC

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Baby did beautifully at her non-stress test today but no big signs of her wanting to come out yet. I’ve gained less than 1 lb in a week so I hope that’s a good sign she won’t be a 9 lb baby. So will see my doctor again in a week to try to get things moving along if needed.

After my appointments, I met up with our nanny and Simon at the library where they have story time for 3-5 year olds. It was Simon’s first time and he did really well: listened and participated. I was afraid he might get fussy or bored but the storyteller did an excellent job with singing, reading, and other activities.


It was a beautiful warm day outside so after checking out some books, Simon played at the water and sand park.


Feeling prepared for baby and still unprepared at the same time. Maybe that’s why I was warned before not to take too much time off before baby’s due date so you would have less time to think but couldn’t physically handle working longer this time around. Wondering when she will arrive???

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