Being creative

Day 228

So we have today to pack and prepare for our vacation. Simon had a 2 hour morning nap and woke up happy and refreshed.

He played with his xylophone/piano for a bit.

Then moved on to his activity table.

Then his milk bottle cap.

Then back to his other piano. I was sitting on the sofa and I could hear this “pop” sound and I didn’t think his toy had any buttons or levers that made that sound and upon further inspection, our creative little Simon had found a way to make this little popping sound by sticking his finger in and out of this little hole. I really wanted to roll on the floor laughing when I saw this was what he was doing but instead shot this quick video.

After playtime, it was time for another nap. Simon really like sleeping on his stomach now and also needs to have a pillow of some sort. He’s kind of like me when I sleep, I prefer the stomach and need to wrap my arms around a pillow.

It will be an interesting day tomorrow with the 5 hour flight to Honolulu then change to an interisland plane to Kauai… let’s hope for the best!

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