Body Combat & Body Pump

So Ron and I have been going to the UCSF gym two to three times a week. So far our favorite classes are Body Pump and Body Combat. We haven’t really lost any weight but have been working our muscles so it actually looks like we have some muscle rather than just fat.

Body Pump is lifting free weights with different routines and fun music. The instructors at UCSF are very motivating and good teachers. The class I usually attend is on what they call “Release 66“. Here’s an example of what it’s like:


Body Combat is a mixture of boxing, kick boxing, muay thai, capoeira, etc with different routines and also to cool music. It’s great for stress relief when you want to beat yourself up (in the mirror) or someone else (in your mind)…


Hopefully we’ll continue to be good and go to the gym, at least we’re getting a lot more exercise than we used to.

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