Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes

Baking = Relaxation? For me, yes. I haven’t baked anything good in a while (I baked these mini cornbread puddings which didn’t turn out well, too salty, no corn flavor, and got moldy after two days because of the hot weather… what a waste…) and have been wanting to try this recipe for Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes!

I doubled the recipe for the cupcakes but followed the recipe for the vanilla cream and chocolate topping. I’ve noticed that the creams and filling recipes are usually way more than I need so I have too much leftover.

The vanilla cream ended up a bit thick after cooling so was a bit hard to spread and I used it sparingly to be able to fill all the cupcakes (I ended up with 34 cupcakes).

I altered the chocolate ganache recipe a bit using some dipping chocolate instead which made the syrup a bit too runny, it didn’t really “stick” to the cupcake. I think it’s better to follow the recipe using the semi-sweet chocolate.

But overall, the cupcake was yummy and the cream had just enough vanilla flavor without being overpowering. Ron commented the cream wasn’t very sweet though. I only put chocolate on half the cupcakes and left the other half bare to let people flavor it to their taste.

We’ll see if they’ll be a hit at work or not.

A bit delayed posting because I forgot to take a photo. They weren’t all gobbled up since I think everyone was in the mood to watch their weight. Here are our remaining two cupcakes, don’t ask me why the chocolate covered one looks like a sombrero, it was the first batch I cooked. The one of top is chocolate free.

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