Broadway – New Air Con Food Court

A very popular food in Singapore is the fish noodles. You can either have fried fish, boiled/steamed fish then choose the noodles you want and then if you want milk in your soup. I personally like fried and bee hoon and milk. I’m not sure what kind of milk it is but I think evaporated milk since it’s from a can… it makes the soup more rich.

We have this new food court behind out condo on Dover Crescent. It just recently opened and it’s biggest claim to fame right now is that it has air conditioning. Not all the stalls are filled up yet though and the service still has kinks. We went to the fruit and drinks stall and it took them a very very long time to get a fresh fruit drink. But anyways, I had the fish bee hoon.

At least now we have more variety to eat closeby now.

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