Buffer Zone

Day 219

Hi mommy, I’m ready to get out of bed!

Simon keeps on trying to stand up using his toys but he can lose his balance easily so Ron fashioned this cushion buffer zone to prevent Simon from hurting himself when he falls.

Simon has been required more clothing changes today because of his messy table habits.

Sometimes he prefers to suck our fingers instead of his own.

Tonight we let Simon try some corn kernels. I was afraid that he might choke on them but I fed him two kernels by hand and he seemed to enjoy it and had no problem swallowing them. I just took him a while to “gum” them enough to swallow them. Then I gave the bowl of kernels to Ron to feed Simon while I made dinner (my turn for once, Ron always makes us dinner…). Ron is trying to teach Simon to use “the force” to get the corn kernel into his mouth…

The corn must have given him a lot of energy. He had a fun time in his Exersaucer running around it and very fast. He gets distracted a bit by my dresses and gets stucks sometimes too but eventually gets himself free to keep on moving.

Auntie Vicki, are you reading? Sorry I got behind on Simon’s updates!

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