Bugis Steamboat and Dessert

After work and another talk tonight, Alex, Joyce, and I headed to Bugis to have dinner. We headed to a steamboat place which I don’t know the name to 😛 but before that we were walking through Bugis Village and there was a mass of girls waiting in line. According to Joyce, they were waiting in line to see this group called MayDay.

The lined snaked around and around all the way down the block. After letting Joyce check them out for a few minutes, we headed to eat steamboat 🙂

It was all you can eat and we stayed until after 11pm. We ate our fill… but still had dessert at this place down the street.

They ran out of ginger steamed milk so I had the mango instead. It was kind of cool as you started eating into the steamed milk, the mango puree made it look like a parboiled egg.

Alex with his “Ying Yang” which is black sesame and almond.

Joyce with her shaved ice dessert.

Happily full but ready for dessert 🙂

Ah, what a day…

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