Chinese New Year Eve Celebration

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Lunch for the last day of school this week. Tomorrow the school is closed for Chinese New Year. He has strawberries, a mandarin orange, pizza rolls, rice with pork floss (rousong), and two cookies. Simon loves rousong. He ate every last bite of his lunch. He’s usually a pretty good eater when it is food he really likes.

Tonight we had Chinese New Year Eve dinner in San Ramon at Grandma and Grandpa Tam’s house. The kiddos got all dressed up for the celebration.

I wore one of my Chinese tops today too.

Iris had matching gold shoes. She can stand up for 1 second before buckling her knees and sitting/falling down.

They were still doing a lot of cooking so Iris was playing in the living room and Simon was watching TV.

Our nanny Annie also joined us for dinner. Iris really liked her scarf.

Uncle Tim and Auntie Callie helped to babysit Iris too.

Sitting down to our lovely meal. (Grandpa Tam is taking the picture.)

We were all happily stuffed after the delicious traditional meal. Iris even tried some of the good food like the sugar snap peas, the fish, rice, and chicken.

Simon got too hot wearing his outfit so took off the top. Grandma Tam gave him a new toy, Dusty from the Pixar Planes movie.

Iris and Grandma Tam. She is wearing a sweater that grandma gave her. So cute!

Little girl in action!

From 01-30-2014 CNY Eve in San Ramon

“Mommy and Daddy, I think I’m ready to go home”

It was a wonderful evening with family.

Late post of some pictures from Ron’s phone.


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