Christmas Eve 2013 in San Ramon

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Iris discovered a “real” banana (versus mashed up) and loves using her teeth to scrape off pieces to “chew” herself.


We were having dinner at Grandma and Grandpa Tam’s house for dinner but before we left, we baked some cookies for Santa. Simon helped with pouring the ingredients and shaping the cookies. It was the first time using our home’s oven for baking homemade cookies.



The finished product: chocolate chip walnut oatmeal cookies. Recipe from the Tartine bakery cookbook.

Then we drove out to San Ramon to have dinner. Iris tried on her Santa outfit again.

Mommy and Iris by the tree.

Our main courses for the evening were sashimi and crab legs. Simon had a club sandwich and fruit.

Then we opened some gifts after dinner. Grandma Tam gave Iris this new Hello Kitty hat.

Simon saw this huge bag and could see the toy inside. It was his beloved crane that he asked for from Santa. We made up a little story for him so he would still think it was from Santa. We told him that the crane was too big to fit into Santa’s sleigh so he asked Gung Gung and Pau Pau to get it for him instead. He was super happy but we didn’t let him open it just yet.

Grandparents and Grandkids.

When we got home from San Ramon, Simon set out some cookies and a drink for Santa. We ran out of milk earlier in the day so he gave his some mango smoothie instead. Earlier in the day, Simon colored a picture for Santa (next to his knee) so cut it out for Santa to take with him and wrote “Simon” so that Santa would know the cookies and drink were for him (on the plate).

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