Chung Family Daycare and Wedding at the Four Seasons

Day 179

I left early this morning in order to get ready for Kathleen and Jonathan’s wedding in the afternoon. Ron stayed home with Simon until Grandpa Chung came to pick Simon up to take care of him while we were at the wedding.

Simon is wearing one of his Superhero onesies… here is is practicing telekinesis, trying to will the bottle to come toward him.

Simon was well taken care of by Grandpa Chung and Uncle William.

As I said, we started early for the big day. Since the bride and the other bridesmaids stayed nearby, they started hair and makeup around 7:30am. I arrived at the hotel around 8am to get my hair and makeup done. We were out the door by 12 o’clock to take some group photos then back to the hotel for the tea ceremony with the ceremony at 4:30pm then it was time to party! The bride and groom had a lucky day with nice weather (except a bit windy). This is the terrace outside the lobby level of the Four Seasons San Francisco.

Thank you to Kathleen’s youngest sister Belinda for doing all our makeup! I have no talent in applying makeup so I’m glad that she was there to help us out.

Before dinner, we gave our toasts to the newlyweds. Everyone else gave funny heartwarming speeches. When it was my turn, I was feeling very nervous and what I wanted to say started to slip my mind. Then I made myself cry and the bride cry. I was a bit embarrassed but got through my toast but don’t look forward to watching their wedding video for a recap. But at least I wasn’t the only one who cried. Kathleen’s dad was the last to give a toast and his voice also broke and he was on the verge of tears. I’ve been to many weddings where the dad cries at their daughter’s weddings but not the moms, funny how that works out.

After our toasts, we started dinner and boy it was yummy!

This was a sweet corn and basil bisque with corn bread crumbs. Here is is without the bisque.

The delicious creamy bisque.

The salad served with a mini flan with truffle and later topped with a vinaigrette later.

The fish course. The fish was very fresh and you could tell it was a fatty fish because it was very smooth.

The beef course. Tender meat and delicious riced potatoes.

They had two flavors of cakes. Strawberry:


Of course their was dancing after dinner where everyone let loose… including my parents!

The band was really great and brought back good memories from our high school and college days. The singers were also really talented. We were all able to release our stress and have a good time for the rest of the night. Congratulations to Kathleen & Jonathan! I am so happy to have been a part of the wedding and we were both glad to have been able to celebrate with you!

Thank you to Grandpa Chung and Uncle William for taking care of Simon so that we could have the evening for ourselves.

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