Cute shoes and Botak Jones

If you know me, I have a weakness for shoes. While shopping at Bugis Junction, Ron pointed out these really cute shoes in one of the stores. They were so adorable, I couldn’t resist.

For dinner we went to Botak Jones since we heard rave reviews from all our friends as it is “good ol’ American food”. We went to the Clementi outlet.

We had the chili cheese fries. So big we couldn’t finish.

Had a good old cheese burger.

Ron had a classic hot dog with fries.

We couldn’t Joyce to eat the beef but we still had a good dinner 🙂 We ran into one of Joyce’s pharmacy students there as he politely came over to say hello to us. I always thought Singapore was small but this is the first time that we’ve run into a student outside of school and the workplace. I guess Singapore isn’t really that small of a place.

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