Davao Day 2

The breakfast buffet is really good. Lots of variety, well worth getting up in the morning if only to eat fruit and have coffee. This was to be a slow morning since Ron didn’t have his first scuba lesson until the late afternoon. So he scheduled to have a haircut and shave at the spa. You have to reserve early because the person who does shaves and haircuts comes from the main island of Manila so they take the first ferry at 8am. Timo also went to have a shave. Although they weren’t that impressed by it, at least it was an experience.

Afterwards, we discovered the tennis courts and ping pong tables. They are a bit run down and their equipment is falling apart but we were still able to play tennis with the equipment. We lost quite a few tennis balls but also found some in the process. We built up quite an appetite to ordered some sandwiches to go and headed to the other beach.

Timo, Elina, and I went to the beach while Ron did his first training in the pool in full scuba gear with an air tank.

We had our lunch and then I followed Elina to do some beach combing for sea shells and admiring the hermit crabs.

After Ron’s scuba lesson, we relaxed a bit more before going back to our cabins to rest for a bit and get ready for dinner.

We met again at the bar for some drinks before having dinner. I tried their drink called a Pino Pepe (basically a pina colada in a pineapple) and the pineapple was sugar sweet!

Ron did a little karaoke and the bartender sang a song for us.

I felt like something lighter so had the Shrimp Samal (poached jumbo shrimp on a bed of vegetable salad infused with kaffir-lime vinagrette, P265). The shrimps were really fresh.

Ron tried the Beef Steak Filipino (grilled beef tenderloin fillet on soya-lemon and onion sauce with carmelized onion rings and roasted garlic, P350) with adobo rice (P50).

We shared the cream of asparagus soup (P200).

Ron tried a beer called Red Horse Beer.

He said it tasted a bit metallic.

Overall, a relaxing day for most of us.

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