Diamond in the Rough & Lemongrass Take 2

In the outside corridor next to our basement pharmacy, there are these very pretty morning glory vines:

Not something you’d expect in the dingy basement. Diamonds in the rough.

We have this visiting expert at NUH for the next two weeks. She’s a pharmacist in the Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT)/Hematology Department at Shands of the University of Florida. She’s here to give lectures and help advise NUH on how to develop the clinical pharmacist role in BMT at NUH. So since she is our guest, there are some dinners planned for the two weeks.

So tonight’s dinner was at Lemongrass at the South Buona Vista Road. If you’ve read my post about Lemongrass at Heeren, then you know I wasn’t impressed by their service. Although I notice on their website that the Heeren branch may have stopped service so maybe that’s why the service was terrible, they were already getting ready to close.

Anyways, this place was much better and we tried some more interesting dishes. The fried fish with the fruit and vegetable salsa was delicious. But of course my favorite were the desserts.

We tried the pumpkin custard. They empty out the seeds from the pumpkin and fill it with custard then steam it. It wasn’t too sweet so was very nice.

We also tried the corn and water chestnut pudding. Corn sounds strange for a sweet dessert but is actually quite good. I enjoy the sweet corn ice cream they have here in Singapore. But this dessert was also not that sweet so just right.

Our guest spotted this sign which I took a picture of:

Encouraging shop lifting? No, the lift to the shops! I don’t know if this is Singlish or just poor English.

So overall, this experience was better than their other branch but dunno if I’d recommend this restaurant since it is also a bit expensive.

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