Doctor Checkups

Monday, March 3, 2014

Simon went to school for half a day because he and Iris had their medical checkups today. He still had lunch at school of chicken nuggets, spiral pasta, green grapes, and strawberries.

I took this picture of the bath wall this morning. Simon drew this during his bath last night. He got these bath paints from Uncle William for Christmas. I think this is his version of a giraffe. I’m pretty impressed 🙂

So both kids had good checkups today. Iris had a fun time playing with the paper covering the examination table. Simon didn’t cry this time until after his first shot. He got two shots today and immediately starting crying after his first shot but still took the second one without too much fuss. He didn’t cry for very long though so I’m very proud of him. Last year he wouldn’t even let the doctor examine him nor let the nurse take his height and weight. He breezed through the measurements and even passed his vision and hearing test with flying colors.

After the appointments, we went to Japantown for a frozen yogurt treat.

Then waited for Daddy to get off work and meet us in Japantown for dinner at Ramen Underground. Iris really liked the noodles. I really liked the grilled mochi. We also had takoyaki. I think Simon was a little turned off by the “moving” bonito flakes.

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