DOSA on Fillmore

After a really long week of work for both of us, Vicki and I decided to meet up to vent and enjoy a good meal. I made a reservation on Opentable at DOSA on Fillmore. The only reservation times they had were for 5:45pm and 9:30pm for a party of 2. Not sure if this is the regular thing but possibly all the reservations were already taken up. So I chose the 5:45pm reservation.

Vicki kindly came to pick me up from work and we headed to the restaurant. We were lucky to find street parking right around the corner.

As we walked into the restaurant, I noticed the super high ceilings and the restaurant had really cool lampshades and very calming color. It was early so the restaurant wasn’t bustling yet but by the time we left around 8pm, it was starting to get crowded with people waiting and also a bit noisy, difficult to talk even at a table for two. We were seated upstairs immediately upon our arrival and it was nice to be seated near the windows to enjoy the seldom sunshine of San Francisco.

The menu looked delicious and we could have ordered everything but settled on three dishes.

Prelude to the meal were these fried thin cracker-like things which had caraway seeds. Very appetizing although maybe a bit oily if you eat too much.

We shared a bottle of wine as recommended by our server that would go well with our duck dish. This is an Italian wine and I must say, it was surprisingly smooth and easy to drink (I’m not very good at drinking red wine…).

We actually ordered the Bhel Puri which was supposed to be a diced green mango salad but I think the waitress didn’t hear me correctly so we got this organic green salad with mangoes and goat cheese instead. I didn’t realize it until we got the bill that it was the wrong salad. We were probably too hungry to notice. The goat cheese surprisingly was very yummy, smooth and creamy.

A token picture of myself. Vicki asked me why I’m never in my pictures? Usually because no one offers to take one for me… so thanks V!

This is the Paper Masala Dosa served with Indian potatoes, sambar (a spicy lentil soup) and tomato chutney & fresh coconut chutney. This is almost a meal in itself! It was so good though, we kept on munching on it even though we knew we needed to save room for our second course. (This is on the list of 100 Things to try before you die.)

Last entree, duck spinach masala & paneer with lemon rice. We each had a bit of rice, a duck leg, and some cheese and that was it. I really liked their paneer, it had some texture (not too hard and not too soft) but the duck for me was only okay. The rice was really good. We asked them to pack the rest but when we left, they didn’t bring it to our table so dunno where it went 🙁

After all that rich food, we wanted to have something sweet. Today my extra stomach for dessert was in full force… so we ordered the Sweet Pongal, rice pudding with raw sugar cane juice and cardamom cream plus some nuts and fruits mixed in. Oh so good! I love cardamom cream. I made cardamom whipped cream once for a dessert and it was oh so good.

Needless to say, we were stuffed and happy (the wine helped with that). I’m sorry to the waitstaff if I under-tipped, I tried to do the 10%+5% of the bill but was in a rush so might not have added correctly, I like it when restaurants have the suggested tip amounts on the bottom of the check so dorks like me don’t have that problem. Or Ron suggests I should just get an iPhone and get the application to go along with it.

I’d definitely go back again, I think Ron would enjoy it too. I’d highly recommend making a reservation on Opentable so you don’t have to wait!

DOSA on Fillmore
1700 Fillmore (at Post St)

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