Enjoying Waikiki

One of the bridesmaids was staying at the Hilton and was raving about their breakfast. Mac 24/7 is a restaurant that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The table was going to share their macadamia coconut pineapple pancakes so I ordered something salty, a 4 egg omelet with bacon and mushrooms.

Then the pancakes came, it really is something you have to share, I’d give you big props if one person can finish off these pancakes. There are three of them and filled the platter to the top.

Served with maple syrup and coconut syrup, light and fluffy. Between the 8 of us, we could only finish 1-1/2 of the pancakes since we also ordered our own entrees.

Afterwards we went to the beach to catch some sun and some took a surfing lesson.

Just carrying the board looks like a lot of work.

Virginia and Justine enjoyed playing in the water.

That’s Ron standing (… for about 15 seconds)

As the sun set, we went in search of dinner

We ended up at Tokkuri-Tei for yakitori. We ordered a lot so couldn’t take photos of everything but here are some of the interesting ones.

The boiled salted peanuts were yummy.

The sake was poured into the sake glass until it overflowed into the box then you have to figure out how to drink it without spilling too much.

This sake is highly recommended, light and crisp

Ankimo (monk fish liver), fresh and smooth

Chicken & asparagus cooked with butter

Ronald making a weird face

Squid pancake topped with bonito and a tart creamy sauce (so good we ordered 2 more)

Ahi tuna sausage (not recommended, too dry, needed some sort of sauce)

Uni cake (sea urchin) was a bit weird, uni tastes better fresh and cold rather than cooked I think

Soba, there’s a cute quail egg

Seaweed nachos, seaweed was deep fried and topped with cheese, roe, tomatoes, and avocadoes

Our happy group

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