Exhausting Sunday

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Whew! I am tired… this morning Ron went to a meet up with his saltwater fish tank aficionados so I spent the day with both kiddos. We managed to go to Target for some light shopping and then to McDonald’s for lunch. At Target, I couldn’t find one of those special shopping carts where there is a separate section for toddlers to sit so ended up having Simon sit in the shopping cart and carrying Iris in a sling. Then put the baby/toddler bag in the main compartment of the stroller which didn’t leave much room for the things we needed to buy. The bag we carry for both kids is the LARGE size classic messenger by Timbuk2. It’s huge compared to our previous bags but very roomy and easy to access stuff. There is also a bag organizer inside to make the bag have more compartments for smaller stuff. I’ll have to take a picture next time. It’s pretty heavy but convenient. Lucky for me, Iris didn’t get fussy until we got to McDonald’s. I had to eat my lunch while nursing her but eventually she fell asleep.

Simon fell asleep for his nap without too much fuss but Iris didn’t want to fall asleep in her own bed so I ended up having to hold her until she nodded off. She woke up briefly when Auntie Tiffany and Little Zoey came for a visit.

Iris easily fell asleep again while being held and eventually Simon woke up from his nap to have his snack. Recently we’ve been allowing him to get out of bed by himself and walk down the stairs. We used to have the door safety latch so he wouldn’t wander out of his room without us knowing. He seems more responsible now so less likely to run off and get into mischief.

Zoey and Simon having snack time together. Simon shared some of his strawberries with Zoey and enjoyed feeding her with smaller pieces that I cut up for her.

Ron made it back to cook dinner which was great because I did not have the energy to cook. Iris usually falls asleep for the night around 8:30-9pm but stayed up until 10pm tonight. Maybe overstimulated from our visitors’ voices. My little star.


Ouch. My arms and back are sore from carrying Iris, moving and lifting the car seat in and out of the car, and lugging around all our stuff. I’m looking forward to a good night’s rest. I hope Iris will cooperate 🙂

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