Exploring Jakarta

We had the buffet at the hotel this morning, nothing too special. They had “make your own porridge”, “make your own eggs”, plus some already cooked dishes, pastries, cereals, fruits, and juices.

Our hotel has a pretty nice pool which I think we’ll check out tomorrow before our massage.

After breakfast, the concierge helped us to find some places to visit. We ended up visiting one museum and then just wandering around a couple of shopping malls.

Elephant footprints:

Hermes (aka Mercury), although I’m not a physician, I deal with medicines daily:

At one of the malls they have an indoor RC car track:

It’s like watching a miniature version of Fast and the Furious. The cars actually drift around the corners. Now Ron wants to buy an RC car to build and play with.

We headed back to the hotel for our 7pm at the hotel restaurant, Buzz. They had a dinner for two set out for us with candles and our menu selection.

We had a bit of a problem dealing with the staff as our meal should have included 2 glasses of sparkling. At first they refused to offer us the sparkling wine since they were basically saying it would go to waste if they opened it and only served us 2 glasses so they offered us 2 glasses of white wine instead. We had already ordered a bottle of white wine that wasn’t included with our meal so we insisted on the sparkling wine. The situation even involved the night manager but eventually got resolved. We found out later that the sparkling wine was just actually Arbor Mist – Orchard Fruits Chardonnay, which is NOT a sparkling wine. Plus it’s a pretty cheap wine, I think less than $5USD per bottle but they were offering to sell it to us for $20USD (they offered that we pay for the whole bottle of “sparkling wine” rather than wasting the rest after 2 glasses).

Anyways, after all that, we finally could enjoy our meal. We started with a selection of breads with different dips: thai tampenade, olive oil, and anchovy spread.

Pumpkin soup with basil:

Scallops served on a half-shell:

Roasted salmon on a bed of buckwheat noodles in light soy sauce:

Selection of chocolate pralines:

Tiramisu served with an almond cookie:

It was quite a filling dinner, we didn’t even finish the pralines and had them sent up to our room to eat for breakfast 😛

Maybe you wonder why this romantic weekend? Today marks our 9 1/2 years of being together, and our 3 1/2 years of marriage.

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