Friday Night Dinner at DAIMO

Friday, November 8, 2013

Serene breakfast with both kids.


Today at work, we tried the newly opened restaurant called Copan. It replaces the previous restaurant called Sura. The remodeled space is bright and welcoming but it still does have that new paint smell. Service was wonderful and the food overall tasty except a little salty. Two of us ordered he stone bibimbap and were offered white or brown rice. We chose brown and then found out it was $1 extra although the server didn’t mention it not could I find it on the menu later. The brown rice is a actually purple rice with beans so probably healthier and more filling but it makes for an expensive bibimbap! I would likely go back to eat and I hope they offer a lunch special in the future.


We decided to try going out to dinner again. Last week was a disaster due to the restaurant we chose being too small and poor coordination by their staff so we had to walk out and find other food to eat. Tonight we went to DAIMO in El Cerrito for Chinese food. I used to go here all the time with my parents and they had good won ton noodle soup. But we were here for dinner so ordered other dishes. The food was well prepared and the service decent. We didn’t have any kid meltdowns so that made things enjoyable.


Simon at first was a little fussy about eating but he tried most things which is pretty good for him. He doesn’t really enjoy trying new foods but liked the fried tofu and salted fish and chicken fried rice. He enjoyed his mango smoothie and even shared some with me. This restaurant will be on our list of Friday night dinner places as it is large and doesn’t get busy until later in the evening.

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