Friday night BBQ

I think my posts are getting more brief and not so exciting… it must be work. I’ll prob be posting less often as I realize it does take a long long time to get things set up. I don’t know how some people can post more than one time a day. Maybe I’m just not that good at on the spot thinking.

Anyways, let’s see, Thursday was Hello Kitty’s birthday! Happy Birthday Hello Kitty 🙂 No, I didn’t do anything to celebrate but just wanted to wish her a happy day! I was at work and spent time on the Level 8 Cancer Centre which is different because these are private pay patients. One of the bills for the patient I processed was over $10K! Yikes! But they usually do have some help in paying for it later, it’s not quite completely out of pocket.

Today I went back to the Level 4 Cancer Centre which was busy during the morning, slow in the afternoon, but then busy again right at closing. There were lots of last minute orders in the last hour of the day. It’s always like that on a Friday afternoon, you wish things could get done earlier but there’s always that rush no matter how much you plan ahead.

We had a BBQ here at our complex which is usually bring your own food and drinks. We had quite an excess of food and drinks though, I’m surprised people did not eat more. It was good to see all the partners again since I hadn’t seen most of them for the whole week. We usually have morning Aqua-Gym and Partner’s Lunch or other social events but I haven’t been able to attend and some things were cancelled this week. Tonight was going to be the Monsoon Ball but has been moved to November 23rd (due to the recent tragedies). Instead there was a BBQ and to also celebrate a classmate’s birthday, he got dunked in the pool.

It was nice to be at home though so I could easily flop into bed 😛

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