Funny Face

Monday, September 9, 2013

I asked Simon to make a funny face and this is what he did.

Simon seemed like he may have had a better day at school although he didn’t want to go this morning. But he wasn’t crying when I picked him up and he ate more of his lunch. He ate the fruits, a few vegetables, and half the sandwich.

There are also two fruit snacks as after lunch treats and he told me he saved them for snack because they are called fruit snacks so you have to eat them for snack, not for lunch. He also snacked on a nectarine and a piece of string cheese. I hope that getting his appetite back is a sign that he is getting more comfortable at school.

The last few times I’ve had to leave for work when Iris is sleeping. I love to give her kisses while she’s sleeping so peacefully (and give her kisses while she is awake too!)

Ron captured this picture of Iris today. She can really hold up her head high.

Sweet little smile.


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