Fussy baby sleeping on stomach

Day 83

This morning was one of those mornings where we just didn’t know what Simon wanted.  He was fed, had a fresh diaper, and seemed ready to go to sleep since he yawned a few times and no longer seemed interested in playing.  We tried our best to burp him but nothing came up.  We lay him down in his bed and he started fussing as soon as he was put down horizontally.  Once we picked him up and put him vertically, he stopped fussing and crying.  Even while holding him and putting him horizontal, he would cry so we know it’s not just because he wanted to be held.

Eventually the only solution Ron had was to flip Simon on his stomach.  Simon immediately stopped crying and fell asleep.


He is on our bed and we let him stay there to take a nap.  We know it’s not recommended to have young babies sleep on their stomach but when we tried to flip him on his back, he would wake up and start fussing again.  We are guessing he had some stomach gas and this was the only position that was comfortable for him and he was really tired and just wanted to sleep.  We kept an eye on him during his entire nap.  His neck is strong enough now for him to left his head and turn to the other side.  Ron eventually woke him up though since he face planted directly into our comforter so Ron tried to turn him but that woke him up.  We hope this won’t become a habit yet, he’s still too young to sleep like this without us worrying.

Simon has been “rolling over” lately.  While having tummy time, he’ll lift one arm (in this case, his left arm) and sometimes wave with too much force that he’ll tip over to the opposite side.  Then he can’t get tip back to center.

“I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”


We can’t tell yet if he favors his left or right side since it seems to change daily.  Some days he’ll use his left arm more and some days his right arm.  Although by feeling his arms, the right one feels like it has a bit more muscle.  He needs to work out more to make them even…

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