Future Quarterback

Day 325 = January 21, 2011

My future quaterback. The little football is made from foam and unfortunately Simon’s little teeth are now sharp enough to puncture through things so when we first gave it to him, we thought it was cute that he was gnawing on it… until I noticed that he left bite marks and tore off a few pieces. Unfortunately not child safe so only good for photo taking!

Ewww, boogers!!

Actually it’s a piece of freeze dried apple and what an ugly face Simon is making. His little nose is all red from it leaking and him rubbing it all day long. The daycare is a bit worried about him since his nose has been really runny and he didn’t eat much today but he waxes and wanes. Yesterday he apparently drank all the milk we provided and ate their lunch. Just today he didn’t want to eat and overall didn’t drink much milk but did get a lot of rest, he napped for a total of 3 hours in 2 naps. Poor little guy doesn’t seem bothered by his cold at all except for the irritated nose. He hates us to wipe his nose, no matter how soft the tissue.

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