Gnomes and Fairies Birthday Party

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Today we attended Zoey’s 2nd birthday party with a theme of gnomes and fairies. The boys got gnome beards and red pointy hats.

The girls got fairy wings and a tiara.

My little gnome and pretty fairy.

As always, Auntie Tiffany produced some super cute desserts. Mushroom marshmallows, porcupine cream puffs, and toadstool cupcakes.

There was a fairy entertainer who also made balloon animals. Simon asked for a dragon. Pretty awesome.

Auntie Tiffany made these cool toadstool stools. Great for the kids to sit on and pound on them like drums.

After a while, Iris didn’t want to wear the tiara anymore but wanted to play with the ribbons.

One more picture of the day, Iris playing with my thermos. I got this while working at UCSF to keep my coffee hot all morning until my afternoon break. It’s leak free as long as you remember to lock it and keeps liquid hot for many hours. I bought it because another co-worker recommended it and it was a great investment. No worries about burning little Iris’ tender legs. I think she was interested in the shape and listening to the liquid slosh around inside.

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