Go Niners! and Simon Selfies

Monday, November 25, 2013

Iris wearing her Niners gear for game day! Thanks to Uncle Eric for the onesies!

Simon learned how to take a selfie using the front facing camera on my phone. He hasn’t quite got the aim yet so here is the best one.

Simon felt a lot better today and went to school. His lunch for the day: whole wheat tortilla quesadilla filled with cheese and ham, carrots, cucumbers, and clementines.


Today they had a show and tell kind of day where they brought a toy to show the other kids how to play with it. Their current lesson is about “play”: how to play, rules for play, what you can play with, etc. Simon brought his Ziggy but decided not to show how to play with him because he didn’t want Ziggy to get dirty. So instead he showed the others how to play with a paper airplane. He can’t fold his own paper airplane yet but tonight he showed off his paper cutting skills. So concentrated.

He cut squares then strips. He is so careful holding those scissors while cutting but not so careful when not concentrating on the actual cutting.

Yesterday I missed photographing a milestone. Iris has her third tooth! Plus maybe a fourth on the way. It’s on her upper jawline. In the picture below, it’s on the right side and there seems to be another one coming out to the right of it (rather than to the left that I’m used to seeing so she might have a offset toothy smile).


This is when an actual camera is needed. My iPhone camera takes too long to focus on moving objects then tends to take a blurry photo. It might be time for me to just update my phone.

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