Go Niners!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Back to making school lunches. I forgot to take a picture of yesterday’s but here is today’s. We bought these mini chicken tacos at Costco that Simon actually liked. He also surprisingly likes Romaine lettuce. He loves croutons and breadsticks. He also has some leftover chocolate Pocky sticks. His meal is finished off with clementines and raspberries.


After cleaning out some more boxes, I found this Niners hat that Simon insisted on wearing today. Go Niners!

Iris’ playspace has been rearranged a bit and she has Simon’s old toy cubby so that she can pick her own toys to play with. She has been trying to pull herself up lately but can’t quite do it on her own yet but her legs are pretty strong.

I feel safer with her crawling on the ground.

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