Godzilla Sushi

We had dinner at Godzilla Sushi tonight, close to my work, unfortunately for me, only open for dinner. Ron met someone who recommended it as a cheap sushi joint in Pac Heights.

The restaurant has 5 tables and then a sushi bar.

We ordered three of their special rolls, from top to bottom:
1. Tinky Winky Roll with scallop, salmon, chopped crab, avocado, shiso leaf, sprouts and tobiko
2. Pink Dragon Roll, inside with shredded crab, avocado, cucumber and outside with fresh salmon and wasabi tobiko
3. Godzilla Roll, inside with tuna, hamachi, sake, BBQ eel, avocado and outside with tobiko

Here are their other special rolls:

After we got our order, we decided it wasn’t quite enough so ordered two other things, suzuki nigiri, which is Japanese sea bass:

and the spicy baked mayo mussels (the mussels were chopped up so very easy to eat, kind of tasted like it was seasoned with sriracha hot sauce, was yummy):

We shared their large size of hot sake and our meal came out to be around $38 + tip. Ron said he found the fish texture a bit mushy but I thought it was fine. I guess the real test would be to have sashimi or the chirashi (sashimi over rice). I wish they’d open for lunch then I could have sushi for lunch!

Godzilla Sushi
1800 Divisadero Street

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