Good Eats in San Gabriel

One of the things we’ve been looking forward to during this trip was for the good food. We started out the morning and one of Ron’s favorite places for Taiwanese breakfast called Yung Ho Restaurant but unfortunately were a bit disappointed because it wasn’t the same as when we’d been a few years ago.

We ordered the cold soy milk, this was still nice and fresh and creamy.

The egg crepe tasted fine except they used to serve sauce with it but no more. When Ron asked for sauce, they gave us soy paste. The egg may have been a tad overcooked.

We ordered the ba wan (a meat pie) where the outside is a glutinous chewy shell. It was weird because it was flat on a plate and the sauce was thick and looks unappetizing. Usually there’s more bamboo shoots and more meat inside. This is usually my favorite thing for Taiwanese breakfast so I was disappointed.

Lastly, stinky tofu. Nicely fried but the picked vegetables on the side were overly pickled, limp, and sour. Usually it’s more crisp and has a spicy kick. The sauce was strange too, Ron complained it seemed like it had fermented beans in it and no garlic like it’s supposed to.

We were glad to be going somewhere else for lunch. We will likely not go back to Yung Ho again.

We met up with our friend Tiff and her friend just a few blocks away at Liang’s Kitchen, tucked away in the corner of a plaza. This meal was so much better. We shared a plate of pickled cucumbers, I loved these.

Ron had the minced meat with preserved vegetables over rice.

The other girls ordered the beef stew over noodles. I almost wanted this too. I had a small taste and it was pretty yummy.

I ordered a dry noodle dish, with pork and preserved vegetables. Their noodles are the dao xiao mian (knife cute noodles) so have a great chewy texture and varied widths and lengths. The toppings were a bit oily but also very yummy. I know I’m going to crave these noodles…

Afterwards, we had dessert in the same plaza at Pa Pa Walk for their mango shaved ice. A good size for 3 to 4 people after eating a good sized meal. Mangoes were really sweet, ice a little coarse but the sweetened condensed milk helped with the consistency.

Our first visit to our friend Tiff since she moved to Lancaster.

After lunch, we debated on driving back to San Francisco but I wanted to stay to have dinner first. So we ended up doing some shopping then went to see Ice Age 3. I love Scrat, he’s hilarious. Thumbs up for the movie but thumbs down for the $11 ticket.

We met up with our friend Will for dinner. He recommended this place called Indian Restaurant for Taiwanese bar food. We showed up around 6:30pm and were able to get a table right away. It was good thing we came early because it had a long wait by the time we finished dinner. The restaurant itself is a bit weird considering the sign outside is a picture of an American Indian and inside is sort of like an Asian Hooters but the food made up for it.

I ordered a passion fruit juice, it was a bit sweet.

We ordered a few small dishes like these grilled duck tongues. A weird poultry part but good.

Delicious fatty pork… it’s hard to resist eating the fat along with the pork but at our age, we shouldn’t be eating all the fat so we ate the meat around it.

Stinky tofu, the picked vegetables and sauce so much better than this morning.

Grilled chicken wings, meat a bit bland, needed some sort of dipping sauce.

Three cup chicken, very good, loved the basil.

After dinner, one more stop, Yogurt Land for dessert. My first experience of make your own yogurt. They have like 10 flavors of frozen yogurt and you add your own toppings then you pay by ounce. Very refreshing and perfect way to end our LA trip.

I have to work in the morning but thank goodness for Ron to be able to drive all the way home.

All in San Gabriel, CA:

Yung Ho Restaurant
533 W Valley Blvd

Liang’s Kitchen

227 W Valley Blvd

Pa Pa Walk
227 W Valley Blvd Ste 148-B

Indian Restaurant
633 S San Gabriel Blvd Ste 105

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