Grandma Tam Birthday Dinner

Sunday, March 30, 2014

The kids never tire of playing peek-a-boo with this tent with Simon inside and Iris outside.

Daddy Ron needed to make a trip to Vacaville to pick up something so we all headed out with him to have lunch and do some shopping near the outlets. Ron installed Iris’ convertible car seat as she is over 20 lbs now and the infant carrier was getting a little tight.

Simon might be ready to move on to a booster seat as he is over 40 lbs now but I still need to verify with California law because I faintly remember some talk about changing the requirements recently. He is getting a little snug in his car seat too.

Both kids fell asleep on the drive.

We arrived around lunchtime so went to have In ‘n’ Out burgers and fries. Iris’ first time eating french fries and she seemed to enjoy them. We got her a grilled cheese and she ate about a quarter of the bread with cheese and some tomato. Simon gets a simple hamburger with a single patty, lettuce, ketchup, and their secret sauce.

After lunch, we did some shopping before heading back home. Simon has outgrown most of his PJs so we got some good deals at the Carter’s store, Simon also got some new sneakers for running around, I got to visit the Sanrio store, and Ron got himself some new work shirts and shoes. Iris didn’t need anything this time around as I have plenty of clothes for her up to about 24 months.

We dropped by briefly at home before heading out to dinner for Grandma Tam’s birthday at Hung’s Kitchen in San Ramon. They are known for their yummy steamed dumplings (xiaolongbao 小籠包).

Grandma Tam’s birthday song and Simon helping her to blow out the candles.

A nice evening with family.

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