Halloween Fun

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Farewell to my Hello Kitty Crocs from Taiwan! These are a half size too small and I’ve been saving them for the one day that my feet will magically shrink. Alas, that day has never come so now they are going to two other obsessed girls.

I enjoyed a hot ginger milk dessert at lunch. I normally do not like ginger but really like this dessert. Warm and spicy!

My Halloween outfit was a Hawaiian princess. This is my mom’s muumuu from my parents’ honeymoon. Talk about vintage! It’s in super great shape so you know it’s well made. Posing with my dad.

Ron’s costume was a Nespresso pod. Posing at his company.

I left work a bit early to pick up Simon and Iris for trick or treating in the Temescal District in Oakland. We visited my work for a few minutes. Simon “riding” a T-Rex.

The stores along Telegraph Ave were all open late to hand out candy. On the way we go!

Iris collected her own candy. Mmm yummy! Of course she didn’t eat it! What kind of mom would I be who lets her baby eat candy at 5 months old?!

After collecting a small basket of candy and walking 3 blocks down and 3 blocks back up, we were ready for dinner and resting our feet. We stopped at Round Table for pizza. Buzzy buzzy bee! Chubby chubby cheeks!

It was a busy and tiring day. Simon and I got out FluMist at Kaiser Oakland in the morning. I don’t know why they call it FluMist when it’s not much of a “mist”. This morning was an ordeal since I had to go to two different office buildings to get our vaccines. They make it inconvenient for families with small children to get vaccinated together. The nurses in Pediatrics were not very friendly either. It was like we were bothering them when we came to get Simon’s vaccination and were harsh when he asked for a lollipop or treat. They gave me a lollipop when I got my vaccination so I gave that to Simon. Overall I was disappointed in the service I had at this Kaiser. I think I’m going to keep going to Walnut Creek for my care and keep the kids’ care in San Francisco. Iris has her six month checkup in a few weeks at Kaiser SF so I hope that experience will be better. She’ll finally be able to get her flu shot. At least our family and nanny are all vaccinated so it is less likely Iris will get sick but I will feel more comfortable when she receives her first flu shot.

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