Hands on Head

August 8, 2011

Simon likes to dip things… especially with ketchup. He’s like Ron in that way. He even eats ketchup without fries.

Simon’s monster remote control.

Ready for his close-up!

Simon making scrunchy faces and then laughing so much that he starts hiccuping.

Simon learned how to put his hands on his head.

He can even go down the stairs with his hands on his head.

We went to visit Larkey Park after I got off work and Simon had a great time running around. He liked this slide/stair combo thing and kept on trying to club up the slide part and come down the stair part. He even figured out how to climb down where the step is too high and he kind of had to “jump” to get down.

He had so much fun that he was so hungry and tired himself out for dinner. We had dinner at IHOP since we had a 30% off coupon from the mail. But kids eat free this month from 4-10pm as long as you order an adult entree. Our dinner cost less than $20, a good option when we’re too tired to cook.

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