Happy Times

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A well rested baby is a happy baby. After some initial crying before bedtime, Iris fell asleep and slept for almost 9 hours last night. There was some whimpering around 2am but she soothed herself back to sleep. When she finally awoke, she was one happy baby.

Simon did not have such a good day since he cried when I dropped him off today to school. He was fine though after I left and made this pumpkin.

When I picked him up, we made a trip to Target to buy some supplies and he was super happy to browse through the toys. Santa, this small excavator is on his wish list!

He originally liked the large one but he said later, he liked the smaller one better. He reluctantly put it away so that we could check out. He was maybe more upset than he wanted to show at first since by the time we finished checking out, he threw a tantrum in the store. We were using one of those special shopping carts with two forward facing seats for kids attached to the front of a regular shopping cart. He insisted on sitting on the “runner” part where kids usually rest their feet or use to step up. He insisted on letting his feet dangle to the ground where they could touch the ground and potentially get caught. I may not be describing it too well but I did not think it was safe and told Simon multiple times to either get up or put his feet up. He eventually got up and started screaming. Lately his default scream is “I want a hug” and to pull on clothes and your body. I don’t know why he has chosen that phrase when it is more like he should say “I am very upset”. We had a lot of stares at Target as he was crying near the exit doors and eventually I had to just hold his hand and start pushing the cart to our car. He calmed down finally when he was in his carseat and we went on our way home. I think he may have enjoyed the “audience” at the store because he was screaming and looking around to see who was watching and at times he was leisurely sitting on the ground, touching the carpet, and picking up pieces of paper from the ground. He seemed to realize what he did was upsetting since he apologized on the car ride home. Simon has a very strong and stubborn personality which sometimes can be hard but he also has such a happy, soft, and sweet side that makes the occasional tantrum easier to deal with.

By the time we got home, it was late, around 8pm and Ron was putting Iris to bed. She was overly tired and was crying to go to sleep. She eventually calmed enough to fall asleep but I don’t think it will be a 9 hour sleep tonight.


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