Hard Knox Cafe

I finally got to try the fried chicken at Hard Knox Cafe. Ron had talked about this place before and it always sounds really good but he’s never had a chance to bring me.

We had a bit of a hard time finding parking and then had to wait about 15 minutes inside. But once I got to taste the corn bread, that was already worth it. I loved the “muffin top”, especially with a little bit of butter, served warm.

I had the three piece fried chicken with collard greens and mac ‘n’ cheese. The chicken was very crispy and super moist. It wasn’t over seasoned so you could really just taste chicken (rather than say, spice or pepper). It was really good with the Crystal hot sauce.

Ron had the country fried steak with corn and potato salad. I didn’t like this as much since it was a bit salty and the sauce didn’t have much flavor (to me). The potato salad deserves mention though, it was sort of like thousand island flavored potato salad.

It was a good meal to end the day as we had spent all day in an 8 hour childbirth preparation class at Kaiser. It was a lot of information to digest but was very good in giving us an idea of what to expect. We also had a tour of the labor & delivery and post-partum area of the hospital. There’s still tons to learn but at least we’re not totally clueless anymore.

Hard Knox Cafe
2526 Third Street

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