Headed to Asia

March 5, 2011

So we bought this travel bed for Simon, just in case we needed it for our trip. It has a self inflatable mattress and can be zipped closed to keep out bugs (and theoretically to keep him inside). We tested it out last night and he was sleeping in it for a while but after a few hours and rolling all around, we found him outside still clutching his Pooh. He moves a lot in his sleep. I don’t know how we will deal with that when we transition him to a real bed.

We spent the day packing and preparing for our trip before heading over to Ron’s parents’ house since Grandma Chung is coming with us and Grandpa Chung is giving us a ride to the airport. Grandpa had a little gift for Simon, the box is the perfect size for him.

Simon has some new shoes for the trip but he doesn’t know how to really walk with them on yet. Instead he wants to play with them. He has started raising both of his arms up and walking around. It’s pretty funny to watch as he is kind of unstable with both arms above his head.

We made it to the airport and waited around for our after-midnight flight.

We got preferential boarding since Simon is a baby and we also secured the seats where there is a bassinet that can be attached to the wall. It’s good to board early since all your carry-on luggage needs to be stowed above but it’s not good to board early because then you have a restless baby on your hands.

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