Hello Kitty (and others) Gingerbread Cookies

So I baked my gingerbread cookies to bring to work tomorrow. After refrigerating overnight, the dough was really hard to roll out. Ron helped me a bit to flatten out the dough as my arms were really getting tired. Plus I miss having a granite counter top to directly roll out the dough. Instead I had to use a large cutting board, first covered with plastic wrap and when that got irritating, parchment paper taped down (worked better).

The cookies turned out a bit hard but the thinner more crispy ones tasted yummy. I think they’ll be good with some tea or coffee, like a dipping cookie.

I used my very cute Hello Kitty cookie cutters. I think we’ve had these for almost 20 years, I remember using them when I was little and making sugar cookies with my mom and aunts.

I also made bears, baby bears, and gingerbread men. I bought some yummy toffee sugar crystals at Target the other day so used them to accent the cookies.

There were also stars.

Guess I’ll see how they go over tomorrow at work. The recipe makes a ton!

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