Iris Cooing

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Iris and mommy “talking”.

Iris fell asleep with both her arms up but didn’t stay asleep for long. She “startled” herself awake with a jerk of her arms and started to cry. She really needs to be swaddled and wrapped in her “straight jacket” blanket to sleep comfortably and for longer periods if time.


Simon doing some silly stretches. He’s so fidgety these days and can’t sit still for long. We wonder if this is normal? Maybe he just needs some more activities to release all that excess energy.


Milestone of the day for baby Iris: her little umbilical cord stump fell off and looks like she will be an “innie”. Also time to get her first real bath! Her poor skin is peeling off (which is normal) so I think a bath might help to keep her from being “flaky” all the time.

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