Italian Dinner Night and Karaoke

Day 355 = February 20, 2011

Simon is trying to draw Misu in closer by jingling Daddy’s keys… Misu is almost tricked but soon runs away.

Then Ron kept Mochi in the living room by closing the door and Simon wanted to play with her but she wasn’t very happy about it. She runs up and hides in her cat tree.

At least all cats get equal attention by Simon. He’ll convince one of them to play with him one day.

Auntie Betty and Uncle Henry came to play with Simon this afternoon. At first he was pretty scared but eventually warmed up enough to have a good laugh at Uncle Henry making silly faces at him.

Simon had fun attacking Uncle Henry and beating on him with his stacking cups.

While they were visiting, I had time to make the dessert for tonight’s Italian dinner and karaoke at Auntie Vicki’s house. We dressed up Simon warm and snug to head out to her place.

Spaghetti, Caesar salad, and garlic bread. Yum yum good!

I made Tiramisu cupcakes following Martha Stewart’s recipe. I only made a few changes as follows:

For the cupcake, substituted 1 tsp vanilla extract for the vanilla bean
For the coffee-marsala syrup, I used instant coffee instead of brewed coffee and used Starbucks coffee liquor instead of the marsala wine. I heated it on the stove to get rid of the alcohol.

I think I may have overwhipped the cream for the frosting but I think it still tasted good and I think the kids thought so too. I would add more instant coffee to the syrup next time though and make sure more soaks into the cake as well. I didn’t use it all, thinking it was too much, but you really should use it all. I just wasn’t patient enough to wait for it to soak in.

Daddy sang some karaoke with Simon… not sure if Simon liked it too much but mommy enjoyed a song dedicated to her, our song: Truly Madly Deeply by Savage Garden.

Another late night out and Simon was exhausted. He fell asleep even with all the others singing loudly.

Two nights in a row staying up late. At least tomorrow is a holiday so we are all off and can recover from a busy weekend.

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