Joyce visits SF!

Joyce is back in the bay area for the week and she came to hang out with us today. We picked her up at the Ferry Building in SF as she had come in from Sacramento by Amtrak to Emeryville and taken a bus. She said she’s an expert in this route because she did it all the time while going to UCSF. I had no idea this was the only way to come back to SF without a car from Sacramento!

We did our favorite things, eat and shop! We started at Beard Papa with a strawberry cheesecake stick and vanilla cream puff. Went for some shopping and ended up staying at Old Navy for almost 3 hours! Ron recommended we go to Citizen Cupcake on the 3rd floor of Virgin Records and we were glad we went. They serve hot chocolate in a BOWL! The chai latte is served with a glass of steamed milk and a pot of chai tea so you add yourself. We had a chocolate cupcake and ginger spice cookie. Yum!

Ron met up with us for dinner and so we walked over to Plouf on Belden Place. It’s one our favorite restaurants in SF so we wanted to share it with Joyce. We ordered two types of mussels, Pastis and Coconut Broth with 2 orders of fries. I really like the Coconut Broth, reminds me of Thai food. Ron also ordered the duck. I recommend just getting the mussels when you eat at plouf. Order more fries or ask for more bread to soak up the soup. YUM!

Sadly, Joyce is leaving back to Singapore on Tuesday. I’m glad she came out to hang out with us and got to meet Mochi and Misu. Meow meow.

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  1. Joyce

    Dear Jen,
    Thanks for having me:-D It was just like when we were in Singapore, except less Singlish;p I am doing ok over here–still think about you from time to time. Take care and KIT! Love & meow, Joyce

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