Las Vegas Weekend (Sunday)

Our second day we slept in a bit before heading out for lunch, shopping, dinner, and a show.

We had lunch at Todd English’s Olives Restaurant in the Bellagio Hotel.

We shared a nice bottle of Pinot Gris, a bread bowl w/olives, and 4 plates.

A fig and prosciutto flat bread pizza. I love anything with figs.

Seared scallops with mushroom risotto and some greens. The risotto was delicious.

Chestnut ravioli, filled with chestnut marscapone with a nutmeg sauce and some spinach. I want to try to make a filling like this.

Grilled squid and octopus with chick peas. The squid was better than the octopus.

The service at this restaurant was a bit abrupt though. We asked them to bring all the dishes out at the same time, which they did, but as they did it, they were just shoving the dishes around on the table and didn’t wait for us to move our water and wine glasses out of the way. If we weren’t fast enough, they would’ve knocked over our drinks. They came to whisk away our plates as we were finishing but they seemed very impatient and wanted to get us out of their as soon as possible, they’d ask us if we were done with the dish even though there was still quite a bit of vegetables left or 2 pieces of ravioli left… it was a bit weird.

We had dinner at Picasso in the Bellagio. We had a lovely seat on the patio and had the water show every 15 minutes. We were at dinner for almost 3 hours and there was never a repeated song. The patio was warm with the heaters and the weather itself was beautiful. Inside the restaurant also seemed nice, they had real Picasso paintings, but with the nice weather, we wanted to sit outside.

A bit too expensive bottle of wine… but went wonderfully with our meal.

Amuse bouche of a pheasant croquette topped with Serrano ham and with a red bell pepper soup. The soup was nice, smooth and a bit sour and spicy.

I ordered from the Menu Degustation for $123 per person.

Maine Lobster Salad.

An oyster from the other menu… so buttery…

Pan Seared Sea Scallops.

Foie Gras with a honey muscat poached pear.

Roasted Aged Lamb Chop.

Desserts… for us and for the birthday girl.

A molten chocolate cake.

An apple bundle.

Opera cake.

White chocolate panna cotta.

To finish the meal is a selection of chocolates and small bites.

We had some coffee to end the meal… and so we wouldn’t fall asleep during the 10:30pm showing of Cirque Du Soleil’s “O”. A spectacular show if you’ve never seen it before (this was my 1st time). We sat in the front row which is pretty close and you may get slightly wet but it was very cool. The water acrobatics are amazing. The clowns are always my favorite part of the show.

A great day.

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