Last Day in Hualien, Return to Taipei

March 9, 2011

We had a light snack this morning of this very interesting cake (the aunt we are staying with bought it for us).

It has sponge cake in the middle and is wrapped with puff pastry. It was pretty delicious.

Then after Simon woke up, we went for breakfast across the street. Egg crepe.

Ron’s favorite: rice roll.

Both were okay but not spectacular. We had plans to eat a bit more anyways since we were going back to Uncle’s corner place again to try their homemade taro cakes. Those were delicious but they made way too much for us to eat. We probably all had too much carbohydrates so got a little food coma.

We then met up with Ron’s aunt, uncle, and cousin for lunch at a more contemporary restaurant. I ended up having this fish set meal. The fish was in broth being heated over a small flame plus there was rice, miso soup, seaweed, pickled vegetables, crab salad, a croquette, and red bean soup. It was a lot.

Ron had the bi bim bap.

After lunch we went to Ron’s uncle’s place to pay our respects to his ancestors and grandmother. This is Ron’s “little” uncle, the youngest brother of the siblings.

Then we went to visit one of Ron’s dad’s relatives and we spent the afternoon and evening with them. They took us on a tour of the courthouse and prepared us dinner then dropped us off at the train station to head back to Taipei. Bye bye Hualien!

We arrived in Taipei and took a taxi to our hotel. Simon enjoyed climbing on our bed. Doesn’t he look a bit mischievous?

He also enjoyed jumping on the bed.

After some time to stretch his legs and have a bath, Simon went to sleep in the crib provided by the hotel.

I feel a little better with him being in a crib rather than on a bed, which he could roll off and hurt himself.

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