Lemon-Cornmeal Cookies

Well I tried to go a little healthier today with the Friday baked goodie but either it was too healthy or because there was leftover birthday cake and a fruit cake competing with my cookies, I actually had a few leftover.

My base recipe was the Lemon-Cornmeal Cookies recipe from marthastewart.com but I altered the ingredients a bit.

I used 1 cup of whole wheat flour + 1/2 cup of all purpose flour (instead of 1-1/2 cups all purpose flour) and 2 tbsp of lemon zest (instead of just 1 tbsp).

The reason why I wanted to do something with lemon was because someone brought in two full grocery bags of lemons from their tree so I grabbed a few thinking I could make something yummy. Plus Patsy gave me her extra micro zester so that it’d be easy to zest the lemons. I had a whole bag of yellow cornmeal which I didn’t know what to do with (I guess I could make cornbread…) so wanted to use it up as well.

I forgot to take pictures of the whole batch so here are the few remaining. I put a little bit of brown sugar on top to give it a touch of sweetness because they really weren’t all that sweet.

The whole wheat flour seems to make the cookie drier and more crumbly than it probably should be but some said they liked the crunch of it.

Well, maybe I’ll be more successful next week with some sort of lemon bar or lemon shortbread. I still need to figure out what to make with the lemon juice from the lemons I zested.

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