Little Bottles and Silly Simon

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Simon’s lunch of penne pasta with Chinese BBQ pork, carrots, watermelon, and “everything” crackers. He only left the pieces of BBQ pork. I was impressed he finished all of this.

Iris wearing her fuzzy hat. She was reading a book where the picture showed a baby trying to put on a hat so she wanted to do it too.

Iris really likes little bottles or containers where you can screw on and off the cap. With this little glass bottle, she really likes to drink water from it.


And also offer you some water.

This is how Simon decided to pose for me when I asked him to take a picture. Super Simon! Yes, I know you can see his ribs, but I swear, he eats a lot! I think he’s just super active so looks thin.

A more sweet look.

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