Marutama Ramen, Pho Hoa, and Depart for Davao

Today I requested the day off to run some last minute errands before we leave for the Philippines in the evening. Ron and I took the opportunity to finish our packing and run around town. We headed to Central @ Clarke Quay to have some ramen. We ate at Marutama Ramen at Central Clarke Quay.

They have some interesting meatball things with lots of red onion.

We had two large bowls of ramen.

The egg is extra:

If you’d like to check out the menu before you go:

We had dinner with our friends Timo and Elina, who are going to the Philippines too, at Pho Hoa in Holland Village.

One of my favorite Vietnamese drinks, three color drink:

We hadn’t had pho since our trip to Vietnam last year so it was a nice treat. I love bean sprouts!

Our flight to Manila is at 11:59pm on Cebu Pacific, located at the Budget Terminal of Changi Airport. Unfortunately we were a bit delayed and pretty exhausted waiting at the airport.

But we were all excited about going on vacation 🙂

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