Maxwell’s not so secret desire to go outside…

When we first adopted Maxwell, he lived with Ron at his apartment on the North side of Berkeley. The apartment had a “cat door” in the window so he enjoyed time inside and out. He got into a lot of trouble then too like fights with dogs, raccoons, and deer. He visited the ED a few times for his injuries from these fights. So after Ron moved, he mostly stayed indoors and he didn’t enjoy that much. Every chance he got, he would escape and enjoy some time outside but he’d always come back when he got hungry.

When we were gone last year, the friends who took care of Maxwell also had two cats and they allowed their cats indoors and outdoors. I’m sure Maxwell loved the time he spent there. But I really wonder what he does all day when he is outside?

Living where we do, I would be afraid to let Maxwell go outside because of the traffic plus we live on the 2nd floor so there’s no really easy way to let Maxwell out. When we first moved in, he would attempt to crawl out the window whenever they were open and he’d even try to open the window wider so that he could stick his head out. After some scolding, he stopped trying to crawl out… but sometimes we let him enjoy the breeze and sniff out the window…

I wonder if he longs for his younger years when he could roam wherever he pleased… he’s going to be 10 years old in July!

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