Remembering High School Days and Good Deals

I stayed in most of the day because it was pretty gloomy and I didn’t really feel like doing much. Ron had headed out earlier to study again and he’s still out studying actually. But the weather started to clear up in the late afternoon and the sun actually came out so I didn’t want to waste the nice weather and decided to go out. Lucky for me, my friend from high school, Teddy, was around so we decided to meet up for a bite to eat.

We met at Plaza Singapura near Dhoby Ghaut MRT station. I did a Google search for scrapbook stores in Singapore and found they had one there called Made With Love. I had yet to find one that sold nice cardstock or rubber stamps for my cardmaking. I enjoyed making cards in the US to relieve stress and I loved to give something I personally made to friends. To see a sample of the cards and other crafts I’ve made, click here. So anyways, I decided I’d check it out today with lack of anything better to do. I usually hate shopping on the weekends because it’s so crowded but I was getting a bit stir crazy at home.

I got to Plaza Singapura before Teddy and once there, I got distracted by an outdoor sale. I was going to walk past but then I saw that most things were marked special price of $3 or $5! So I had to browse. If you know me, I can’t pass up a good deal… so I ended up spending $13 for 2 dresses at $5 each and 1 top at $3. Don’t ask me why so cheap but I wasn’t complaining.

Here’s one dress made of a cotton like material, it’s past my knee length so I figure I can wear it to work with a tank top underneath.

Here’s the second dress made of a linen like material and the skirt even has lining. I think I may have to attach straps because I don’t feel comfortable wearing tube tops or dresses anymore. I like this dress especially for the hem.

I bought this top because of the floral polka dot pattern and the color. I don’t own anything yellow and figured this matched the tropical weather in Singapore.

So not a bad haul for $13, less than 9USD! You can’t get those prices at Ross or TJ Maxx, that’s for sure.

There was another stall next to this one that I started exploring but thank goodness Teddy arrived to pull me away from spending more money. I think the sale goes on tomorrow though… so dunno how tempted I’ll be to go there again 😛

Teddy and I haven’t seen each other for more than 5 years, we couldn’t really figure it out, but probably not since I was in undergrad at Berkeley, so more like 7 to 10 years! He moved to Singapore a few months before we did and he’s been so busy travelling for work that we haven’t had time to meet up until now. We went to a cafe and he ate a Philly Cheesesteak while I had a macadamia nut latte. We had a nice long catching-up session.

Then we went to wander around the mall a little since I’d never been there before and I eventually did find the scrapbook shop. It was a bit crowded but I did end up finding some nice textured paper, they were 12 x 12 sheets at $1.25 each, buy 10 get 1 free. It’s definitely not as cheap as the US but I was happy to finally get my hands are nice cardstock! I’ll probably have to go back on a weekday in order to explore more when there are less people.

We continued walking through the mall and I also bought this book from the bookstore there, it was on sale for only $15:

It looked pretty cool and I figured I could use it in card making or also try to make jewelry. I do really want to take some jewelry making classes at some point as I’d love to make rings and earrings. I dabbled in it before but wasn’t that great at it. I think I need a class for techniques because it’s always better if someone shows you rather than reading a book.

Afterwards, I headed home on the MRT then went to get dinner at the Dover Rd Food Center to bring to Ron and his groupmate who were studying at INSEAD. The curry chicken rice had HOT red chilis and I also ordered Malay Style noodles which were good, it had squid and peanut sauce in it.

Well now I’ve got one scrapbook store to shop at, the next to try is Laine’s Papeterie at Wheelock Place on Orchard Rd.

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